Kilauea Lower El Playground


Aside from the health benefits of walking or biking to school, Kilauea School is part of an island-wide Health & Wellness (formerly SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL) task force that meet quarterly to facilitate implementation of the DOE Wellness Policy and help coordinate the WALK TO SCHOOL DAYS at participating schools. Our school Wellness Coordinator is Kai’s mom, Amy Bilcich, and she attends the quarterly task force meetings as well as the Kilauea School Safety Committee and monthly PTSA meetings to keep up communication between the school staff, parents, and the island task force.  

The school’s participation in the WTS days enables us to receives $ to provide incentives for the kids (walk day prizes, quarterly drawings) and is vital to being considered for grants and monies available to make structural improvements to the roads leading to the school. Last year, a charrette was done with several community meetings held to get input on how they would like to see the roads changed to make them safer for everyone to get to and from school. 

If you are passionate about making the streets safer or helping to implement the Health and Wellness Guidelines at our school, please consider joining the school Wellness Committee and/or communicating with Amy by email: or phone at 707-537-5111 to share your interests and get more information. On our website, under the parents tab, are PARENT RESOURCES which include the DOE Wellness Policy and Wellness Guidelines. The first Thursday of every month, beginning September 6th, students that walk, skate, or bike to school that day can check in by the flagpole to get a ticket to be entered into the prize drawings and a receive a small prize or snack for participating that day. If a parent or sibling walks with them, they will receive an extra ticket for that student as well.

For the students that live too far away to walk to school, they can walk around the basketball court 5-10 times instead. Help is always needed from 7:15-8am to supervise those who walk around the basketball court, pass out prizes/snacks, and help check the students in faster so they are not late going to class .

Our Technology Coordinator, Maureen Chung, has scheduled the monthly Coffee, Tea, & Technology (Meet with the Principal) times at 8am following the Walk to School Days. Please take advantage of coming to learn more about working on computers and accessing online resources to help support your child’s education or just come talk story with our principal.