School History

Kilauea School is located on the beautiful North Shore of Kauai. We currently educate students from the Kilauea community in kindergarten through 6th grades. This is a historic school that was originally founded in 1882. The school in its present location was opened in 1922 to serve the sugar plantation community of Kilauea. At that time, the student population almost entirely consisted of children from plantation workers’ families. Three buildings on the Kilauea School campus are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Kilauea community has continued to grow following the closure of the sugar plantation in 1971. We are a neighborhood community consisting of mainly single family homes. However, many houses have added “ohana” additions to be used for extended family or rental units. Although Kilauea Town originally developed due to the sugar plantation, its most notable landmark is the Kīlauea Lighthouse located at Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, a National Park destination.
The school is dedicated to inspiring a joy for learning while nurturing relationships between the students, faculty, staff and community. Kilauea School continues to promote a positive learning environment while focusing on school wide behavior expectations and general learner outcomes that go beyond academic achievement to ensure students become engaged, lifelong learners.