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Mrs. Susie Pond » Welcome Back. 2020-2021

Welcome Back. 2020-2021

Aloha and welcome to Kilauea School
Whether this is your child's first year with us, or he/ she is returning, this will be a new adventure in learning,  As our school community faces the challenges presented by Covid 19, teachers and staff strive to provide both academic and emotional support and instruction to each student.  We know needs and strengths vary and our teachers are skilled at differentiating to address these.  If you have concerns that may indicate need of additional support beyond the classroom, please let me know.  Kilauea School has an array of supports available to target those needs that cannot be completely met by your child's  teacher.  Among these are Speech/Language, school level and clinical counseling, OT/ PT and specialized instruction.  If you have concerns that may benefit from these higher levels of supports, or questions regarding them, please contact me.